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Welcome to our blog where you will find a variety of tutorials plus all of the exciting news and developments going on at Zap! HQ.

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  • Sustainability in a Business

    Sep 12 2019

    As green practices grow increasingly popular and awareness is raised on recycling and the effects that waste is having on the environment...

  • Setting Up A Business: Tips and Advice

    Sep 04 2019

    Setting up a business can be a daunting task. Once you’ve had your initial spark of inspiration to start selling your own products, there...

  • How To Come Up With A Logo

    Aug 28 2019

    Your logo should capture the essence of your business, letting your audience know exactly who you are. If you need a new logo, or you’re ...

  • How to make custom button badges

    Aug 01 2019

      This tutorial contains everything you need to know about creating custom button badges using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Pai...

  • How To Market Your Band

    Jul 24 2019

    So you’ve started a band, you’ve got your first tracks and you’re looking to book your first live shows - it’s an exciting time! One thin...

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