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Perfect for creating items for personal or promotional use, our custom charms can be used for, well, almost anything! We produce our products to the finest-quality and all our items are digitally printed and laser-cut to your specifications. Using a wide range of materials, including acrylics, wood and metal, you can be rest-assured that your designs will be finished with the best materials available! Your quality bespoke design can ordered with a low minimum quantity and our fast production time will save you time and money! Our custom charms include;

Acrylic Charms – Made from 3mm plastic, acrylic charms are durable and can be finished with a cool design. Different variants of our acrylic charms include;

Black, White and Coloured charms – Your design is digitally printed onto the coloured acrylic of your choosing – especially useful if your design has any ‘gaps’ in it and you have a colour in mind that would complement the design.

Clear Custom Charms – Your design will be printed on clear, see-through acrylic rather than a solid-colour background – especially useful if you need your design to ‘stand out’ more.

Frosted Custom Charms – offering a balance between a coloured and a clear charm, a frosted charm won’t be quite see-through – it still retains a background colour! Ideal if you’re looking for a more arty and less plastic look!

Metallic Acrylic Charms – Digitally printed on acrylic with a metallic-looking matte surface, your design can be turned into hard-wearing jewellery, a promotional items or merchandise.

Glitter acrylic Charms – Printed onto glittered acrylic – these charms give your art a fabulous look! Ideal if you’d like to catch people’s eyes with a cool and unique design.

Glow-in-the-Dark Charms – Your design will be printed upon a glow-in-the-dark background – so even at night, your art will be shining brightly as it does during the day!

Custom Wood Charms – Able to be printed on 3mm birch plywood, 4mm maple or even cherry or walnut- veneered MDF, your design will look delightful on these extremely-durable charms.

We also offer a Sample pack. If you’d like to produce your own custom charms, but not sure which material to use, then we are able to send you a sample pack with various woods and acrylics, all coming in various colours. Our charms are great for businesses, bands or those planning their wedding. Find out more about how our services can be used to create personalised wedding favours.

If you’re interested in using our laser-cutting services to produce some fantastic custom charms, please continue to browse our website and see what catches your eye! We also have a help and advice centre with plenty of tutorials to help you create your custom charms. For further information, or to get a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01642 244 422 or e-mail

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