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Earring Charms

Create your own custom earrings with our UK-based manufacturing services. Ethically made using recycled materials, allowing you to create your guilt-free acrylic earring charms, wooden earring charms, and metal earring charms. Perfect for jewellery making and craft supplies.

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Create bespoke earring charms at Zap! Creatives, perfect for personal jewellery making products or creating unique merch. With low ordering quantities and fast production, we’re ready to bring your designs to life. Choose from metal, wood and acrylic earring pendants, all manufactured in-house to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on using only eco-friendly materials and processes, allowing you to enjoy guilt-free shopping that doesn’t cost the earth. Creating your custom earring pendants is easier than ever, thanks to your step-by-step ordering process. Our team is here to help you bring your design to life with easy-to-follow tutorials and sample ordering service to make sure you’re 100% happy with your earring charms. Start creating your DIY earring charms today, or take a look at our custom necklace pendants for more inspiration.

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