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FAQs - Printed Metal Charms

Can you help me set up my charm designs?
Yes! simply submit your artwork using the 'upload artwork' button or email your artwork to, along with any instructions (hole location, transparencies, etc) and we'll create your charms and send you a digital proof for your approval.

What material are the printed metal charms made of?
We use 304 stainless steel for our printed metal charms.

Is this metal hypoallergenic & nickel free?
Yes, 304 stainless steel is nickel free, hypoallergenic and won't tarnish or rust.

How thick is the metal?
Our printed metal charms are 0.7mm thick.

Is the metal easy to bend?
No, you would have to really try and bend the charms to distort them.

Will the print scratch off?
The ink adhesion is excellent across all of our products, but if you anticipate your merchandise will be used in high impact areas, like being bashed against keys or jingled about in a pocket full of loose change, then we definitely recommend adding a resin dome, which will increase its durability.

Can I have an image engraved onto the back of my charms?
No, we only engrave repeat back patterns onto the back of our printed metal charms. You can have a double sided, full colour print though.

What is the finish on the reverse (side B) of my metal charms?

If you choose a matte finish for side A of your metal charm then we will apply a matte finish to Side B too. If you choose a gloss, resin or glitter resin finish for for side A of your metal charm, we will apply a gloss finish to side B of your charm.

Can my charms have more than one hole or loop?

Yes. Let us know how many holes or loops you would like and where you would like them placing and we'll send you a digital proof.

How many designs can I have per order?
Use the drop down list and choose up to 5 unique designs per order.

How do I send multiple designs using your 'Upload Artwork ' button?
To submit multiple designs via our 'Upload Artwork' button, you will need to group all of your designs into a .zip format folder. to do this simply select all of your designs, right click your mouse and go to > Send To > Compressed zipped folder. You can then upload this folder using the 'Upload Artwork' button.

Alternatively you can send multiple designs to us via email -

How long do charms take to make?
Check out the 'Production & Delivery' tab for up to date manufacturing and delivery times.

How long do I have to submit my artwork?
You have up to 2 weeks from the date of your order to submit your artwork.

Can I place a re-order?
We store your artwork for 6 months, which helps us to provide you with consistent results whenever you need a re-order. Simply quote your previous order number(s) when placing your new order and we'll use the artwork that we have for you on file.

How long does shipping take?
Click here for full shipping estimates.

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