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FAQs - Metal Pin Badges

Can you help me set up my designs?
Yes! simply submit your artwork using the 'upload artwork' button or email your artwork to, along with any instructions and we'll set up your designs and send you a digital proof for your approval.

Why are your metal pin badges 'Eco'
Our Eco metal pin badges are made here, in the UK, and produce a significantly smaller carbon footprint than enamel pins manufactured in China.

Unlike enamel pins, our metal pin badges are made from stainless steel and brass, which can be infinitely recycled, and are printed in full colour using VOC free inks.

The environmental impact of importing merchandise from the Far East is significant, compared to using manufacturers closer to home; With the average cargo flight from China to the EU producing 1.3 metric tons of CO2 compared to 0.05 metric tons from the UK and 1.65 metric tons from China to the US and Canada, compared to 0.7 metric tons from the UK.

What is 'Bio-resin'?
Our bio-resin is a polyurethane monomer made from corn and soybean by-products.

Corn and soybeans are both available in abundance and reduce our dependence on petrochemicals.

Our Bio-resin performs and lasts as long as regular PU resins, whilst being significantly kinder to the environment.

Are your backing cards and clear display bags environmentally friendly?
Yes. Our backing cards are made from recycled card stock and our clear display bags are made from vegetable starch and are biodegradable and compostable.

How thick are the metal pin badges?
Our metal pins are 1.7mm thick, excluding the resin dome.

What material are the metal pin badges made of?
We use 304 stainless steel and raw brass for our Eco metal pin badges.

Is this metal hypoallergenic & nickel free?
Yes, 304 stainless steel and brass is nickel, lead and cadmium free and hypoallergenic.

Will the print scratch off?
The ink adhesion is excellent across all of our products, but if you anticipate your merchandise will be used in high impact areas, like being bashed against keys or jingled about in a pocket full of loose change, then we definitely recommend adding a resin dome, which will massively increase its durability.

How many designs can I have per order?
Use the options and choose up to 5 unique designs per order.

How do I send multiple designs using your 'Upload Artwork ' button?
To submit multiple designs via our 'Upload Artwork' button, you will need to group all of your designs into a .zip format folder. to do this simply select all of your designs, right click your mouse and go to > Send To > Compressed zipped folder. You can then upload this folder using the 'Upload Artwork' button.

Alternatively you can send multiple designs to us via email -

Can I have an image engraved onto the back of my pins?
No, we only engrave repeat patterns onto the back of our printed metal pins.

Do I have to have a die or mold made?
No, we can produce your metal charm designs without the need for a die or mold.

What is a locking pin back?
A locking pin back is a secure way of attaching your metal pin badges to garments. The locking mechanism on these clutches ensures that your pins won't detach, unless you lift the locking mechanism.

Are the backing cards single or double sided?
Either. If you submit double sided artwork we'll print your backing cards double sided, with a different design on each side. If you only submit a single side design, we will produce your backing cards single sided.

How long do Eco metal pin badges take to make?
We aim to produce your pins within 5 to 10 days from proof approval. However, we highly recommend ordering well in advance of any important dates, such as conventions.

How long do I have to submit my artwork?
You have up to 2 weeks from the date of your order to submit your artwork.

Can I place a re-order?
We store your artwork for 6 months, which helps us to provide you with consistent results whenever you need a re-order. Simply quote your previous order number(s) when placing your new order and we'll use the artwork that we have for you on file.

How long does shipping take?
Click here for full shipping estimates.

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