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FAQs - Eco Paper Labels

What are labels?
Labels, or sticker labels are commonly used to provide information, decoration or identification on various objects or surfaces. Our labels can be used for branding, packaging, applying product information to your merchandise, organising stock and much more.

What shapes are the labels?
Our labels are available in square, circle, rectangle and oval shapes.

What size are the labels?
Our labels are offered in a range of sizes, conveniently displayed in the 'Label Size' dropdown variant. These sizes are laid out in a tiled format on an A4 sheet for easy peeling and application.

How many labels can I have on a sheet?
To explore all our available label sizes and the corresponding quantities per A4 sheet, please select the 'Label Size' product variant.

What does the 'number of designs' option mean?
You have the option to submit multiple designs for your label orders, and we will evenly distribute these across your order. For instance, if you order 100 labels with 4 designs, you will receive 25 labels of each design.

Can I purchase a sample of my own design?
Yes, use our single quantity option to purchase samples of your designs, before committing to a larger production run. You will receive 1 sample of your label.

How many designs can I have per order?
You can have up to 4 unique label designs per order.

How do I send multiple designs using your 'Upload Artwork ' button?
To submit multiple designs via our 'Upload Artwork' button, you will need to group all of your designs into a .zip format folder. to do this simply select all of your designs, right click your mouse and go to > Send To > Compressed zipped folder. You can then upload this folder using the 'Upload Artwork' button.

Alternatively, you can send multiple designs to us via email -

Are your labels waterproof and weatherproof?
Our paper stickers are weatherproof and waterproof and are suitable for medium term outdoor use.

What sort of adhesive do you use on your labels?
We use a permanent, clear acrylic adhesive on our Eco paper stickers. Even though this adhesive is classed as 'permanent' it can still be removed without leaving any residue. Our acrylic adhesive is free from gluten, casein and any other animal products, which makes our stickers Vegan friendly.

What finishes are available?
Our Eco paper stickers have a matte, satin finish.

Are eco-paper labels environmentally friendly?
Yes, our Eco paper stickers are made from responsibly sourced papers, are 100% PVC free and come on a glassine paper backing, making them 100% recyclable.

What is glassine?
Glassine is a paper based, Eco-friendly alternative to plastic or silicone coated papers commonly used for sticker release liners. Glassine is made from 100% wood pulp and is 100% recyclable.

Are your stickers vegan friendly?
Yes. We use an acrylic adhesive, which is free from gluten, casein and any other animal products.

How thick are your labels?

Our Eco paper labels are 135gsm thick, on a 175gsm glassine liner.

Can I write on your labels with a pen?
You can write on our eco-paper labels labels with most pens.

Can my labels have internal cuts?
We can produce internal cuts in your labels, however we do not weed (pop out) the internal cuts from the custom shaped sticker. You can do this easily yourself once you receive your labels, or simply leave them in place. Once you peel the label from it's release liner, the internal cut section will be removed.

How long do I have to submit my artwork?
You have up to 2 weeks from the date of your order to submit your artwork.

Can I place a re-order?
We store your artwork for 6 months, which helps us to provide you with consistent results whenever you need a re-order. Simply quote your previous order number(s) when placing your new order and we'll use the artwork that we have for you on file.

How long does shipping take?
View our 'Production & Delivery' tab for up to date information on production and delivery times.

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