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Environmental Policy - Recycled Metal Pin Badges

Eco Metal Merchandise

Our Eco metal pin badges are made here, in the UK, and produce a significantly smaller carbon footprint than enamel pins manufactured in China.

Unlike enamel pins, our metal pin badges are made from stainless steel and raw brass, which can be infinitely recycled, and are printed in full colour using VOC free inks.

The environmental impact of importing merchandise from the Far East is significant, compared to using manufacturers closer to home; With the average cargo flight from China to the EU producing 1.3 metric tons of CO2 compared to 0.05 metric tons from the UK and 1.65 metric tons from China to the US and Canada, compared to 0.7 metric tons from the UK.

Our Promise

We recognise that our business operations, staff, partners, and clients all have an impact on the environment, and we are committed to reducing this impact as much as possible, with the goal of protecting our planet and its inhabitants for generations to come.

Through our business practices, we promise to...

  • Fully comply with Environmental Law throughout all aspects of our business
  • Regularly research ways to minimise the impact that our business practices have on the environment
  • Look for eco-friendly alternatives to the materials and products that we use daily
  • Promote eco-friendly practices to our staff, business partners and clients
  • Regularly review our practices and introduce new materials and processes that are kinder to the environment wherever possible


Click here to read our full Environmental Policy.

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