Make Your Own Wedding Favours

Make Your Own Wedding Favours

Make Your Own Wedding Favours

Homemade jams, mini gins, jelly sweets and just about every shade of sugared almond imaginable; these are just some of the classic items that feature in so many wedding favours, but what if you want to stand out from the crowd?

Many wedding guests go to great effort to make themselves available for the big day, whether that’s organising time off work or travelling large distances, so it’s only right that you should thank them for being a part of your wedding. 

At Zap! Creatives, we offer a whole host of customisable products that people are sure to appreciate and take away as a memento of an amazing day. 

Custom Badges for Tote Bags

Tote bags are an incredibly popular item when it comes to wedding favours; they’re an affordable means of holding whatever else you’re gifting your guests, plus they look great too! 

The tote bag can fit in with a range of themes, but how can you make yours look extra special? Our custom pin badges look amazing attached to any tote bag, in particular, they’re great for more alternative or retro-style weddings. 

Whatever the theme of your big day, our custom printed badges will look the part. They’re finished in high-quality acrylic, wood or metal, digitally printed and laser cut to ensure the sharpest and finest end product, after all, everything has to look perfect, doesn’t it?    


Charms for Tote Bags

Sticking with the tote bag theme, we now look to items that you can put inside your wedding favour bags.

Our custom charms are fantastic for throwing in your tote bag alongside those all-important sweet treats and other trinkets. With custom printing available, whether you choose to reflect your pin badge design or go with a style that complements both the badge and your wedding theme is up to you.

What’s more, with a range of materials to choose from including stylish woods and glitzy glitter acrylics, you can be sure that every last detail on the big day is just right and looks exactly how you envisaged.   

Custom Commemorative Keyrings 

Keyrings have long been a popular means of commemorating an occasion; from happy holidays to concerts and events, a keyring is a cheap and easy way of recalling those special memories.

They also make a great gift to be used as a wedding favour, and what you choose to make up your keyring design is entirely up to you!

From the kitsch to the classic wedding look, the options are endless thanks to custom-made products, and with a range of acrylic and wooden keyring options available, you can easily ensure that your keyring is both affordable and eye-catching, tying in seamlessly with the rest of your wedding day.

Custom Printed Stickers

Table cards for weddings and place cards are commonplace, they’re one of those little things that you need to consider that are pretty important when it comes to proceedings running smoothly. 

Though most couples will be happy to place a card on the table with their guest’s name and be done with it, why not make your wedding table cards a little more meaningful? By using custom printed stickers for your place cards, you can give each guest a unique wedding favour item that they can take home. 

The options are endless thanks to our array of designs available, so the limit really is your imagination! Whether you craft a place card that’s personable to a specific guest, or you use your sticker-style place cards as a creative way to keep your guest’s kids entertained, our printed stickers are sure to stand out for all the right reasons.

For helpful craft inspiration and handy how to’s, browse our Zap! Creatives blog page, if you’d like any further information on any of the products featured above, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team

Featured image credit to Lily & Moon Photo & Film

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