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Promotional merchandise and custom keyrings are a fantastic way to increase brand awareness. Through the use of promotional items you can spread your image and your branding, transforming faithful customers/fans into a powerful form of advertisement.

Why Should I Use Promotional Merchandise?
Promotional merchandise is a very useful marketing tool. It can be used by a wide variety of businesses. One of the many benefits of this style of marketing is that you can use your existing customers to attract new customers. By creating attractive merchandise, you can reward existing customers with cool and attractive gifts that advertise your business to people they interact with in their daily lives. Promotional merchandise can be used to take advantage of upcoming events such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Christmas or many other special events. By using promotional products to make your own merchandise that relate to upcoming events you can give customers a variety of promotional products that are relevant to the current time of year. Read our guide on event merchandise ideas for some inspo. 

What Businesses Can Benefit From Using Promotional Merchandise?
Local Coffee Shops - If you’re a local coffee shop, searching for a way to attract new customers to your business, promotional products could be a fantastic solution. Pin badges and stickers could be fantastic ways to promote your business by giving customers cool items that they can wear and business cards with a loyalty system could all be fantastic ways of attracting new customers. If you make your own cakes at your coffee shop, you could also create custom cupcake toppers. Use fantastic designs incorporated with your branding and customers may take photos of your delicious cakes with the cupcake topper for their social media profiles. Then their friends will see the delicious cakes and because of the fantastic cupcake toppers, all their friends will know where they can find the delicious cakes.

Bands/Musical Artists - If you’ve ever been to a concert/gig you’ll remember the hordes of people gathering around a merch table. Merchandise is a fantastic tool for promoting your music. By using catchy slogans or fantastic artwork you can attract fans to promote your music in their day-to-day lives. There are many different ways you can promote your music with merchandise, you can use custom keyrings, posters, phone covers, pin badges and stickers to spread your image and potentially attract new listeners.

Local Activity Clubs - Custom keyrings, zipper charms or pin badges would be a fantastic way to promote your local activity club. Passionate club members would be able to proudly wear your merchandise where it can be seen by other members of the public who may be inspired to become a member of your activity club.

Also various different types of custom charms, custom pins or standees could be a fantastic way to advertise your business. Many people like to collect zipper charms for their bags and this could be a fantastic opportunity for a promotional item for your business. Custom keyrings can be a fantastic form of marketing to include in your campaign. Giving your customers a promotional gift can be very useful to help increase brand awareness. A promotional product is an advertisement that keeps on giving. If somebody has a promotional zipper charm on their bag from your businesses, people they interact with in their daily lives will notice the charm. This could lead to conversations about your business and possibly attract new customers for you. Promotional products don’t have to be throwaway objects that are kept at home. Small charms, pin badges or enamel pins can be added to people’s bags or their clothing. Promotional merchandise is a way of rewarding your faithful and loyal customers with a branded gift, but it also spreads your image and your branding to others. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and high quality; beautifully designed promotional products can start that conversation.

If you are interested in promotional merchandise and custom keyrings for your business, give Zap Creatives a call. We have a fantastic selection of laser cut and printed items that you can use to promote your business. Or, if you are planning a wedding, you could even use our custom keyrings to create personalised wedding favours for your big day. If you would like to purchase any of our products, please order early to avoid disappointment. We have a variety of delivery methods to choose from, more information regarding delivery options and turnaround times can be found on our delivery information page. We recommend that you plan to have your products delivered at least 5-10 working days before your intended deadline. If you would like any additional information regarding our products or if you have any questions that you would like to ask our team, please contact us. You can also check out our help and advice centre for how to guides and tutorials on creating your merch. 

Why choose Zap! Creatives?

Since our establishment in 2007, our core mission has been to provide custom manufacturing services that not only look good, but also prioritise the well-being of our planet.

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It's important to understand the impact that transporting your goods can have on the environment.

By establishing manufacturing services in the UK, we significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

Central to our ethos is the use of eco-friendly materials, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

We believe in providing eco conscious creators with manufacturing services that are gentler on the environment.

The materials that we use to produce your custom merchandise include recycled acrylics that were destined for landfill and incineration, recycled metals and FSC certified woods and papers, ensuring a sustainable choice in every aspect of our offerings.

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