Uses For Custom Charms

Uses For Custom Charms

Uses For Custom Charms

Custom charms are one of the most versatile merchandise options out there, but if need a helping hand as to how to use yours - we’re here to help.

Using a wide range of materials including acrylic, wood and metal, we can create custom charms with your designs printed on them. With a high-quality finish, these charms are meant to be worn or displayed to showcase your brand, logo, event or as bespoke decor for a special occasion.

Whether you’re buying charms for personal use or you want some quirky merchandise for your company, here’s the most common uses for custom charms!


One of the obvious uses for custom charms is to create a unique necklace that shows off your own designs. Charms come complete with a pre-made hole to thread a chain, or fabric through in order for it to work as a quirky pendant. Simply attach a clasp fixing or tie in a bow to create a stand-out piece of jewellery.

Used in this way, custom charms can also double up as medals - just thread through some ribbon and your custom design can be used to award participants in an event.

Charm Bracelet

A popular choice for conventions or independent jewellery makers, you can easily create a bespoke charm bracelet out of our custom charms. If you have created a selection of designs that you want to show off, a charm bracelet is a great way to ensure people can mix and match their favourites. Simply thread the charms on to sturdy thread or attach silver holding rings to the charms before affixing them to a chain bracelet.

Phone charm

Phone charms are an increasingly popular choice when transforming our custom charms. Although we already offer a ready-made selection of phone charms, our custom charms can just as easily be turned into fun phone decor by adding a thread and silver spring clasp to the top of the charm. The charm will then sit on the top of the phone, ensuring the charm is in full view as you, or your customers are scrolling!

Wedding favours

At Zap Creatives, we’re always impressed by how our customers utilise our products and we love seeing our custom charms used as wedding favours. We’re able to turn any design into a high-quality charm, which includes wedding logos, artwork or shapes that have the date and time of the big day displayed on them. These charms can then be scattered across tables, adding to plate setting or even attached to the flower bouquets to give your flowers an extra personal touch! Guests can take home their charms and create their own jewellery from them, or simply keep them as a memento of your special day. Read more on how Zap can create personalised wedding favours for your big day. 


Another great use for custom charms and one that’s really easy to do! Keyrings are always going to be a popular choice and our charms are designed to fit a standard ring through the top which can be attached to your keys. This is a great idea if you’re looking to create quick and easy gifts for parties, events or conventions.

Whatever you want to create, we’re here to help you bring your ideas to life. Chat to the team today to start making your own custom charms, or take a look at our pin badges, stickers and standees for more inspiration.

If you're ready to get started, check out our tutorials for step by step guides, including how to make acrylic charms and how to create custom button badges.

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