Eco-Friendly Marketing Ideas

Many companies profess to be eco-friendly, but how many can prove that they actually practice green marketing? Being environmentally friendly is at the forefront of many brand’s minds, and in a time wrought with issues including the effects of global warming and the impact of plastic in our oceans, it’s becoming more and more of a vital cog in the business and PR marketing machine. 

With so many companies keen to shout about doing their bit, it’s a great time to look into how you can incorporate going green into your business plan. To help you achieve some inspiration, our Zap! Creatives team have put together a list of eco-friendly marketing ideas and promotional materials to suit any budget. 

Printing on Recycled Paper

Of course, we would always recommend going paperless wherever possible, but when you do need to use print materials, why not use recycled paper? 

Not only is using paper that’s been recycled kind on the planet, but it’s also a great way to demonstrate to your clients and customers that your company is environmentally conscious and taking steps to reduce your impact. 

Changing the materials used in the creation of brochures, business cards, flyers and posters can give your business the edge over competitors who are yet to use recycled paper, a potential plus point in attracting new clients and customers. 

Promote Your Green Goals

If your company is making an effort to go green, shout about it! Whether it be introducing fuel-efficient or hybrid vehicles into your fleet or changing your energy source to an eco-friendly option, the public likes to know these things and may resonate with your efforts. 

You can outline your goals on the company’s official website, create a blog post or share on your social media outlets with your online community. Promoting these goals gives your business transparency which in turn can promote customer loyalty and trust! 

Boost your Brand with Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly products are a fantastic means of boosting your brand; not only do they get your logo and brand message out there, but using green promotion efforts and products also lets people know that you’re serious about taking steps to protect the planet – more so that you care.

The likes of eco-friendly stickers, recycled pin badges and responsibly sourced charms and keyrings are all cost-effective yet environmentally friendly means of promoting a brand or marketing event, providing a quality keepsake that’s also making your company and the planet a whole lot greener. 


Share Your Eco-Efforts and Achievements

Has your company won any environmental awards or partaken in any eco-friendly community work? If so, share your stories! 

Charity and community work make great, engaging social posts that portray your brand positively - while labelling your awards on packaging and products is a fantastic way of letting people know what you’re all about and what you’ve achieved in your eco-endeavours. 

eco friendly pins

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