National Days Data

Cats or dogs? Pizzas or burgers? Beer or wine? These are all very important questions and the source of many an argument, but now we have the answers! (Well, according to Instagram anyway) We love a good national day and let’s face it, there’s plenty of them. From the obvious to the downright ludicrous. There’s even a national sticker day (its January 13th FYI). So, who wins when it comes to the most popular national days? We’ve taken at look at the hashtags on Instagram to see which have the most posts.


Cats Vs Dogs

When it comes to our beloved pets, it seems dogs take the lead. There are over 7.5 million #nationaldogday posts while #nationalcatday has just 1 million. 


Who’s the better half? Well, it seems #nationalboyfriendday is a lot more popular than #nationalgirlfriendday. National Boyfriend Day has over 1.2 million posts, while National Girlfriend Day has just over 400k. Come on lasses, we can do better than that!

Food Glorious Food
We all know food is a hot topic when it comes to posting pics to Instagram. But which national day came out on top? Donuts took the top spot, with over 600k posts, closely followed by #nationalpizza day (obv) which has around 200k posts. Other popular foodie days included pasta, pies, chocolate cake and of course, the good old burger. 

Beer Before Wine, You’ll Be Fine

Wine or beer? It was a close call with this one. National wine day had 152,976 posts and national beer day had 186,799 posts. You know what, we’ll call it a draw, we love both equally.

As well as national days, we also found out which occasion was the most popular on Instagram. It turns out we all love a good ol spookfest, with Halloween coming out on top. Instagram has over 85 million photos hashtagged with #halloween, while #christmasday saw just 1.9 million. Other well hashtagged events included #valentinesday (17 million posts) #newyearseve (7.4 million posts) and #stpatricksday (5.1 million posts).

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