Make Your Own Merchandise

Whether you’re looking for unique merchandise for your brand, fun gifts for a conference or a way to showcase your own designs, making your own merchandise has never been easier. Brands across the globe are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and if a company pen and notebook just won’t cut it anymore, you need to start thinking creatively. Our custom merchandise products have been used by big brands, conferences, conventions and artists looking for ways to spread their message. If you’re looking to make your own merchandise, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you choose the right match for your needs. From keyrings to standees, it’s time to bring your creations to life. 

Create your own stickers

Stickers may not seem like the most unconventional choice for custom merchandise but when the only limit is your creativity, there’s plenty of ways to make yours stand out. Custom stickers are ideal for goodie bags, swag bags and conventions, whether you’re printing your own designs or promoting your company logo or message. Choose from both matte and gloss finishes to your custom stickers, which can be cut to any shape you require. There’s a reason why stickers have never gone out of style, they’re a classic choice for any event or occasion and with our quality sticker printing, you’re guaranteed a professional finish.

Create your own charms

Custom charms are a great choice for anyone looking to create truly stand out merchandise. Designed to be worn as jewellery, these hard wearing charms are ideal for anyone looking to create their own range or create merchandise for a convention or event. Acrylic charms are incredibly hard-wearing and come in a range of styles including clear charms, frosted charms, glitter and even glow in the dark.

Create your own pin badges

Pin badges are really having a ‘moment’ and more people than ever are decorating their jackets, bags and clothing with their favourite designs. Pin badges are a great option when creating custom merchandise and a great way to show off your unique artwork. When you’re making custom merchandise, you want to ensure that you’re presenting your designs as best as possible. This is why we offer a range of different pin badge options to suit different styles. Our 25mm round badges are great for those looking for a cheaper option and ideal for bands or brands looking to give them out as freebies. Our acrylic and wooden pin badges are perfect for events or artists looking to start selling their own designs. Sturdy, high quality and hard-wearing, people will want to wear your designs with pride.

Create your own standees

We love creating standees, mainly because we’re always impressed by the different ways that brands and events use them as promotional tools. A standee can be anything, from a cool point of sale option in a store to a unique trophy or range of collectables. If you have the design, our team can turn it into a bespoke standee that’s guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. With a simple construction and different materials to choose from, we can’t think of any organisation, brand or company that can’t benefit from some cool stand-up artwork in their space.

5 things to remember when making your own merchandise

  1. Start with a great design. Our team can help steer you in the right direction but the artwork choice is up to you. Utilise our handy templates or enlist the help of someone more creative if you’re struggling to come up with something fun.
  2. Be practical! If you’re creating merchandise for an event or conference, keep in mind what your attendees actually want. Stickers to decorate notepads and small pin badges work great for corporate events, whilst bands and convention owners can work wonders with cool keyrings, charms and unique standees to sell.
  3. Try before you buy. At Zap Creatives, we offer a sample service to let you see what your creation will look like when finished. This is a great way to test the water and make sure your idea has paid off before submitting a full order.
  4. Be unique. Don’t rip off other people's ideas and artwork, chances are you will be caught out further down the line.
  5. Have fun! Creating your own custom merchandise is exciting and with so many possibilities available, you can really get creative and bring all of those ideas to life.

Ready to get started and make your own merchandise? We’re ready and waiting to work on your designs! Contact a member of the Zap Creatives team today.


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