Event Merchandise

Event Merchandise

Event Merchandise

When you’re organising an event a big part of the experience is the merchandise that attendees can take away from it. Let’s face it, as good a line-up as your conference, convention or festival is - people are there for the SWAG. Whether it’s something useful to take away, something decorative or something edible, events are the perfect time to show off your branded goods, but what type of merch should you be looking to offer?

We’ve already covered how to make your own merchandise, now we’re going to look at what we can offer to make sure your event leaves people with great memories of your brand.

Let’s go over the key reasons why you should opt for branded giveaways.

  1. Builds brand recognition that lasts long after the event
  2. Increases brand loyalty as attendees are reminded of your company
  3. Unique event merchandise helps you stand out from the crowd
  4. Great event merch increases the chance of being featured on attendees social media

What merchandise should I offer at my event?

What do trade show giveaways, festival giveaways and convention giveaways all have in common? They’re all designed to do the same thing - promote your brand. Many organisations rely heavily on their branded materials so it's important that your event merch is cohesive and instantly recognisable with clear messaging and info such as your social handles or website.  

At Zap Creatives, we can help you create fun event merch such as custom stickers, phone charms, pin badges and charms - all decorated in your own designs. Ideal for filling goodie bags or having displayed out on your merch booths, our event merchandise is created to your exact designs and with a wide range of custom finishes to make them stand out from the crowd. We offer a wide range of custom event merch, but which one is best for you?

Custom Stickers

Everyone loves a sticker, especially if you’re hosting an event that involves people scribbling down notes in a book or sitting on their laptop. Great sticker designs are meant to be displayed and if you offer your branded stickers at a convention or conference, chances are your attendees won't hesitate to put them pride of place. When they get back to the office after the event, your sticker will still be there as a reminder of your services and what you can offer.

Custom pin badges

Pin badges are enjoying a resurgence at the moment and if you’re hosting a festival, tradeshow or convention - chances are you’ll find someone who wants to add more to their jacket or bag! We love making unique pin badges, especially when companies go the extra mile to create fun, unique designs that don’t necessarily look like ‘event merch’. Consider creating designs placed on branded packaging cards that present the pin. You can add your details to the card and let the design you’ve created speak for itself.

Custom Standees

Standees are a great way to ensure your boot stands out at a convention or tradeshow, they’re also a fantastic way to bring your designs to life if you’re hosting a convention. Made from either acrylic or wood, these standees look great used as a point of sale at the booth and a fantastic addition to those stylish social media pictures you will post during the event. Standees also make great collectables, so if you’re hosting an event where you can sell your own designs - we can help you bring them to life.

Whatever you’re looking to add to your convention, tradeshow, festival or conference, there’s something to suit all events at Zap Creatives. For help and advice when choosing the right event merch for giveaways, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Zap Creatives today.

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