Creative Ways to Present Your Products

Creative Ways to Present Your Products

Creative Ways to Present Your Products

In any walk of life, first impressions count. Whether that’s the first time you shake hands with a stranger or eating with your eyes as your much-anticipated plate of food arrives, we’re a species that often makes an initial judgement based on appearance. 

It’s no surprise then that product presentation is incredibly important. Your packaging design can aid in drawing attention to your promotional products, even persuading potential customers into a purchase. Thinking about how your packaging pulls people in can sometimes be as important as the design of the product itself; to help you get things right, our team at Zap! Creatives have compiled a list of creative ways to present your products. 

Create Custom Backing Cards

Custom backing cards are the perfect way to present a range of different promotional products. Why not create a character around your pin badge, set your badge in against a background of themed scenery, or tell a story?

Here at Zap! Creatives, you can choose from single-sided and double-sided prints, and with a quick and easy artwork upload option, you can have your custom design sorted in an instant. 

Our backing cards are also eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled 350gsm uncoated paper, meaning that they’re a guilt-free method of great brand promotion! 

Get Artistic 

There are plenty of ways to incorporate art into your product packaging. Creating characters is a fantastic means of engaging both adults and children alike, you only have to see famous mascots such as Tony the Tiger, Colonel Sanders and the Michelin Man to know which brand they’re associated with. 

You can also create packaging that works intrinsically with the product, using the cardboard as a backdrop for product presentation is a great way to ensure that your design is utilised and not just discarded. Brands such as POP! are masters at tying in meaningful packaging with their product, creating bespoke designs that customers simply want to display. 

Tell a Story

We all love to read packaging, who hasn’t sat at the table and read their box of cereal front to back before?! So, why not get playful with your packaging and tell a story as well as informing the customer about your product? 

You can base a story on the product itself or if your brand has a mascot, even better! Giving the character background will make the mascot’s persona all the more believable, allowing people to relate to both the character and your brand. 

Shout About Your Practices 

Do you source your materials ethically and responsibly? Do you donate a percentage of your revenue to charity? Do you produce your products and packaging from recycled materials? Do you plant trees for every so many products sold? If you’re proud of your business practices, let the world know! 

More and more customers are looking for ethical products on the shop shelves, from fairtrade coffees and organic oils to our eco paper stickers, people are becoming far more conscious about the products they use and consume and the effect they have on the planet. 

Shouting about your practices on your packaging is a great way to let people know that you’re doing your bit as well as promoting brand trust too! 

If you’re looking for more creative inspiration or product information, browse our amazing Zap! Creatives blog page

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