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Looking for an environmentally friendly option for your custom printed sticker sheets?

Our sticker sheets are digitally printed onto responsibly sourced papers and are 100% PVC free and 100% recyclable.

Available in A5, A6 and A7 sheet sizes, with multiple, individually peel-able stickers per sheet.

  • 135gsm weather and waterproof paper stickers
  • Backed with a 175gsm glasine liner (total weight 310gsm)
  • Matte finish
  • Suitable for short to medium term outdoor applications
  • Waterbased permanent acrylic adhesive
  • 100% PVC Free
  • 100% recyclable


Free Artwork Setup

We offer FREE artwork setup for all our products and services.

Simply submit your artwork using the 'Upload Artwork' button or by sending directly to; along with any instructions that you feel would be beneficial, border widths for example, and we’ll do the rest.

We'll set up your artwork for free and send you a digital proof. Once you approve your proof, we'll produce your stickers.

Please note that any artwork you submit must be AT LEAST the same size as your requested sticker size. For best results we recommend 300dpi files.

Questions? Get in touch and we'll happily guide you through the process.


Advanced Artwork Setup

Our advanced artwork submission option is for customers that want more control over their artwork set up and have some knowledge of design software.

Click on the links below to setup your sticker artwork using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator... 

Click here for our Photoshop tutorial and templates.
Click here for our Illustrator tutorial and templates.

Use our single quantity option to purchase samples of your designs before committing to a final production run. Once you are satisfied with your samples and you are ready to place a full order, we will provide you with a discount code for 50% of the cost of any samples ordered.

You must inform us when placing bulk orders based on previous samples so that we can ensure repeatability.

Please note that discount codes can only be used on final orders based on your sample artwork and will only be valid on orders placed within 30 days of your sample order.

You should expect to produce several prototypes of your designs before commiting to a final production run. Purchasing samples will give you the opportunity to see how your designs will look once they are turned into finished products and will allow you to check for any potential problems with your artwork.

We cannot issue refunds or replacements for any artwork issues where samples were not requested beforehand.

To receive your discount code, simply contact us at with your sample order number(s) and we will issue you with a unique code for 50% of the cost of any applicable samples received.

Why should I choose Zap! Creatives to produce my merchandise?
When you choose Zap! Creatives, you're choosing more than just a manufacturing service — you're choosing a commitment to sustainability, ethical labour, and quality craftsmanship.

As a UK-based company, we prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility in everything we do. From the materials we source to the processes we implement, we strive to minimise our impact on the planet while delivering exceptional products.

Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our wide range of environmentally-friendly services and materials. Whether you're looking for biodegradable options or recycled materials, we have you covered. By opting for eco-conscious merchandise, you can make a positive statement about your brand's values and contribute to a greener future.

But our commitment doesn't end there. We uphold ethical labour standards and ensure safe working conditions for all involved in the manufacturing process. When you partner with Zap! Creatives, you can trust that your merchandise is not only ethically produced but also of the highest quality.

So, whether you're a small business striving to make a big impact or a larger brand looking to align with sustainable practices, Zap! Creatives is here to support you every step of the way.

What is a sticker sheet?
A sticker sheet is an A5, A6 or A7 sized sheet, containing multiple, peelable, custom shaped stickers on a custom printed background.

How many stickers can I have on a sheet?
You can have as many stickers as you like on each sheet, as long as each sticker is at least 5mm away from the next sticker.

What does the 'number of designs' option mean?
This 'number of designs' option is the number of unique sticker sheets, containing multiple, peelable, custom shaped, that you would like to order. It is NOT for the number of stickers per sheet. You can have as many stickers per sheet as you like, as long as they are positioned at least 5mm away from each other.

Can I purchase a sample of my own design?
Yes, use our single quantity option to purchase samples of your designs, before commiting to a larger production run.

How many designs can I have per order?
You can have up to 10 designs per order.

How do I send multiple designs using your 'Upload Artwork ' button?
To submit multiple designs via our 'Upload Artwork' button, you will need to group all of your designs into a .zip format folder. to do this simply select all of your designs, right click your mouse and go to > Send To > Compressed zipped folder. You can then upload this folder using the 'Upload Artwork' button.

Alternatively, you can send multiple designs to us via email -

Are your stickers weatherproof?
Our paper stickers are weatherproof and waterproof and are suitable for medium term outdoor use.

What sort of adhesive do you use on your stickers?
We use a permanent, clear acrylic adhesive on our Eco paper stickers. Even though this adhesive is classed as 'permanent' it can still be removed without leaving any residue. Our acrylic adhesive is free from glutin, casein and any other animal products, which makes them Vegan friendly.

What finishes do your paper stickers come in?
Our Eco paper stickers have a matte, satin finish.

Are your paper stickers environmentally friendly?
Yes, our Eco paper stickers are made from responsibly sourced papers, are 100% PVC free and come on a glassine paper backing, making them 100% recyclable.

What is glassine?
Glassine is a paper based, Eco-friendly alternative to plastic or silicone coated papers commonly used for sticker release liners. Glassine is made from 100% wood pulp and is 100% recyclable!

Are your stickers Vegan Friendly?
Yes. We use an acrylic adhesive, which is free from glutin, casein and any other animal products.

How thick are your stickers?
Our Eco paper stickers are 135gsm thick, on a 175gsm glassine liner.

Can I write on your stickers with a pen?
You can write on our eco paper stickers with most pens.

Can my stickers have internal cuts?
We can create produce internal cuts in your stickers, however we do not weed (pop out) the internal cuts from the custom shaped sticker. You can do this easily yourself once you receive your stickers, or simply leave them in place. Once you peel the sticker from it's release liner, the internal cut section will be removed.

How long do I have to submit my artwork?
You have up to 2 weeks from the date of your order to submit your artwork.

Can I place a re-order?
We store your artwork for 6 months, which helps us to provide you with consistent results whenever you need a re-order. Simply quote your previous order number(s) when placing your new order and we'll use the artwork that we have for you on file.

How long does shipping take?
Click here for full shipping estimates.

Production times for our custom sticker and label printing service is approximately 4 working days* from proof approval plus the delivery times below...

*The production times listed on our website are based on an average-sized order. For larger orders, orders containing multiple customised products, and bespoke orders with complex design elements, please contact our admin team, for an accurate production time based on your order.

We only recommend our 'Standard' shipping options for non-urgent orders. Although the postal carriers claim to adhere to the delivery times below, we have experienced packages shipped using our 'Standard' services to take up to 12 weeks to arrive.

United Kingdom

Courier (Tracked)
£5.00 when you spend £100 or more. Delivered next working. This is a trackable service.

£10.00 when you spend £99.99 or less. Delivered next working day. This is a trackable service.

UK Standard (Tracked)
£5.00 when you spend up to £99.99. Usually delivered within 2 working days. This is a trackable service.


Courier (Tracked)
5GBP when you spend 250GBP or more. Please allow 2 to 3 working days for delivery. This is a trackable service.

25GBP when you spend 249.99GBP or less. Please allow 2 to 3 working days for delivery. This is a trackable service.

Standard (NOT tracked)
7.50GBP when you spend up to 200GBP. Allow 2 to 6 weeks for delivery. This is NOT a trackable service.

USA & Canada

Courier (Tracked)
5GBP when you spend 200GBP or more. Allow 2 to 3 working days for delivery. This is a trackable service.

20GBP when you spend 199.99GBP or less. Allow 2 to 3 working days for delivery. This is a trackable service.

Standard (USA & Canada)
7.50GBP when you spend up to 200GBP. Allow 5 to 12 weeks for delivery. This is NOT a trackable service.

Australia & New Zealand

Courier (Tracked)
9GBP when you spend 280GBP or more. Allow 3 to 7 working days for delivery. This is a trackable service.

28GBP when you spend 279.99GBP or less. Allow 3 to 7 working days for delivery. This is a trackable service.

Rest of the World

Courier (Tracked)
9GBP when you spend 250GBP or more. Allow 3 to 7 working days for delivery. This is a trackable service.

28GBP when you spend 249.99GBP or less. Allow 3 to 7 working days for delivery. This is a trackable service.

Standard (NOT Tracked)
9GBP when you spend up to 150GBP. Allow 7 to 12 weeks for delivery. This is NOT a trackable service.

View all of our delivery details here...

Eco-Paper Stickers

We offer a range of Eco-friendly paper stickers, which we always recommend for customers that would like to produce stickers for single use applications such as packaging stickers or promotional, give-away stickers.

Made from responsibly sourced papers from managed woodlands. Our Eco range of stickers are 100% PVC free and 100% recyclable.

Our Promise

We recognise that our business operations, staff, partners, and clients all have an impact on the environment, and we are committed to reducing this impact as much as possible, with the goal of protecting our planet and its inhabitants for generations to come.

Through our business practices, we promise to...

  • Fully comply with Environmental Law throughout all aspects of our business
  • Regularly research ways to minimise the impact that our business practices have on the environment
  • Look for eco-friendly alternatives to the materials and products that we use daily
  • Promote eco-friendly practices to our staff, business partners and clients
  • Regularly review our practices and introduce new materials and processes that are kinder to the environment wherever possible


Click here to read our full Environmental Policy.

Zap! Creatives Complementary Eco Credential Stickers
Zap! Creatives Complementary Eco Credential Stickers


Show your customers that you're proud to be eco friendly by applying our complimentary FSC-certified, paper stickers to your products. This small yet impactful addition informs your customers that your merchandise is ethically produced, using environmentally friendly processes.

When you choose Zap! Creatives as your manufacturing partner, you align with a UK based business that is dedicated to delivering quality manufacturing services while prioritising the well-being of our planet.

Feel free to incorporate any of the eco-credentials found on our website into your product listings. Share this valuable information with your customers, and allow them to make informed choices about sustainable options.

Together, let's raise awareness and contribute to the effort of preserving our planet.

PLEASE NOTE - We will ONLY include Eco-Credential stickers in qualifying orders from our eco-friendly ranges (recycled metals, acrylics, papers and FSC-certified woods). Simply add this product to your cart, and the relevant stickers will be included with your order.

View our Environmental Policy here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
Good Customer Service / Eco Stickers OK

Probably on me for not researching enough but the stickers aren’t the best for marketing purposes - they are very Matt in appearance which mark easily.

I wanted to go eco (it’s important to me) but think I’ll go for the more plant based/ shiny look in the future.

That said, Great customer service though and very speedy! Helped with layout of design etc - I do recommend (just not this sticker type)

Klara Smith

Fantastic quality, support and I love their dedication to ecological sustainability.

Steve R
I trust these people

I have over 40 years experience designing graphics professionally and getting them produced in all sorts of media. I know a good supplier when I encounter one. Zap know exactly what they're doing, they are careful, thorough, and easy to deal with. This all shows in the finished work, I've been very pleased with everything I've received from them. It's very reassuring, they do good work I'll be back for more.

Joanna Stegena
Excellent quality

Sturdy and loved by my customers, a new bestseller!

Jay Williams
Check your spam folder

Great stickers but emails went to my spam and I couldn't get them in time for the event I was using them for, just something to be aware of buyers!!

Why choose Zap! Creatives?

Since our establishment in 2007, our core mission has been to provide custom manufacturing services that not only look good, but also prioritise the well-being of our planet.

Zap! Creatives Sample Pack

It's important to understand the impact that transporting your goods can have on the environment.

By establishing manufacturing services in the UK, we significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

Central to our ethos is the use of eco-friendly materials, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

We believe in providing eco conscious creators with manufacturing services that are gentler on the environment.

The materials that we use to produce your custom merchandise include recycled acrylics that were destined for landfill and incineration, recycled metals and FSC certified woods and papers, ensuring a sustainable choice in every aspect of our services

We work with...