Tradeshow Tips For Exhibitors

Tradeshow Tips For Exhibitors

Tradeshow Tips For Exhibitors

Trade shows are a great place to show off your business and get people talking, but how do you ensure that it’s your stand that sticks in their memories at the end of the day? There are plenty of ways to attract the right people to your stand and get those all-important leads, from giveaways and competitions to freebies and decor. If you’re about to start planning your trade show calendar, follow our tradeshow tips for exhibitors to make sure it’s a success. 

Set your goals

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! If you don’t have a clear plan for your trade show appearance, you won’t know what you’re able to achieve. Whether it’s increasing the number of leads, building your brand awareness, launching a new product or advertising a new promotion - you need to be clear about WHY you are there. 

Once you have your goals set out, it’s time to start researching the competition, the type of people you will be meeting at the show and what type of trade show it is. If you’re up against 100 other booths that are offering the same thing, you need to come up with a great hook to get potential customers to stop and take notice. Plus, is the target audience for the show relevant to what you’re promoting? If not, you might be better targeting another offer or promotion. 

Trade Show Checklist

  • Where will your booth be located on the show floor?
  • Who will be exhibiting near you
  • Have you got a decent ‘high-traffic’ spot at the show?
  • Do you have the right amount of space for your stand?
  • How many people can you take with you?
  • Do you have lighting/power?

Tradeshow Tips For Exhibitors

Pre-show prep!

Before the show, see if you can take advantage of any pre-registration email lists for some pre-show promotions. An email marketing campaign can let people know WHERE your booth will be WHEN you will be there and WHAT they can look forward to!

Get social

Utilise social media to build-up interest in your appearance, follow the trade show’s social accounts and make use of relevant hashtags to let people know you will be there. 

Create a memorable display

Make sure your booth stands out by adding some all-important display items. At Zap Creatives, we create custom standees that look great on a trade show display, whether you choose to get decorative logos made or go wild with some custom artwork that showcases a new product range or company messages. 

Stock up on SWAG

People going to a trade show are all about those freebies and you will notice most people doing the classic ‘Terminator’ scan of your booth as they approach to see what you’re offering. Promotional merchandise such as stickers, charms and pin badges are a great way to ensure people are talking about your business, long after they’re returned to the office. 

Be engaging!

During the exhibition, make sure you’re actively engaging with those walking past your stand. Confidence is key, as is friendly body language! Chat with your visitors, always have some of your free ‘swag’ on hand to entice them in and make sure you’re sticking to your initial goals when it comes to promoting your company. 

When it comes to planning your next trade show appearance, let us take some of the heavy lifting by creating your very own bespoke company merchandise. From stickers to charms, we can help make your stand, memorable. Get in touch with the Zap Creatives team today or check out our tutorials on creating custom merch.

Looking for more inspo? Read up on some of the best convention giveaway ideas or check out our event merch ideas post for awesome ways to make a hit at your next tradeshow. 

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