Halloween Marketing Ideas

Halloween Marketing Ideas

Halloween Marketing Ideas

Halloween is one of the most important dates in the marketing calendar, presenting an opportunity for both large and small businesses alike to capitalise on increasing their brand awareness and sales. 

It’s always a good idea to prepare for this promotional window by readying your materials and capturing the imaginations of your audience. There are many cost-effective means of doing this, so to spark your imagination and get those juices flowing, our team here at Zap! Creatives have put together a list of hellishly good Halloween promotions that your customers wouldn’t dare miss. 

Pin Badges that go BOO!

Custom pin badges have long been a scarily good source of brand promotion. Whether pinned to other products or presented on their own, they’re ideal for capturing the eye and drawing in attention with their vivid array of colours and wide scope of shapes for design. 

From presidential pin badges to punk rock bands, button badges have adorned clothes, bags and accessories in all kinds of environments, sporting a range of slogans and designs. 

If you’ve got your own Halloween-themed artwork in mind, our quick and simple upload process and talented design team will have your frighteningly good custom pin badges knocked up in a flash. Simply choose from our range of 15mm - 40mm badges in acrylic or wooden material types and pick your pack size!  

Spooktacular Stickers

Another way to elevate your All Hallows’ Eve promotional efforts is by using vinyl stickers. There are numerous pluses to using printed stickers too; they’re incredibly versatile and able to stick to all manner of objects, they’re easy to carry around and transport, they’re able to display a wide range of information and illustrations, and last but not least, they’re incredibly affordable. 

Of course, stickers are great for both kids and adults alike, meaning that you’ve got a huge scope for promotion by employing stickers in your marketing arsenal. Our sticker printing service here at Zap! Creatives will allow you to produce vivid Halloween designs in an instant, creating an array of unique, digitally printed sticker sheets.

Available in a wide variety of pack sizes ranging from 1 - 20,000 stickers with numerous design options, you’re able to conjure up amazing promotional materials no matter the size of your campaign or budget.

Keyrings to Make Your Customers Cackle

Of course, we can’t help you brew up a wicked Halloween marketing campaign without mentioning custom keyrings. Our amazing range of products ooze quality, and they’re great for catching the eye while promoting a product or brand, or being gifted as a keepsake. 

Whether you opt for the funny or frightening approach, one thing’s for certain, our acrylic keyrings and wooden keyrings are sure to get people talking. What’s more, they’re made from 100% recycled premium acrylic materials and responsibly sourced would, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your ghoulishly good promo products are completely guilt-free too! 

If you’d like any more information on any of the goods featured or our product order options, don’t be afraid to ask our team - they won’t bite! For more advice and inspiration, cast your eyes over our amazing blog page.

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