It may seem a little early for spooky season but this week we chat to Sian Ellis, an artist who creates cute and spooky illustrations all year round! 

Hello Sian! Let's start by you telling us a little bit about your background and how your business started?

Hello! I have always drawn and made things since I can remember. But I have only been running my business for about two and a half years. I used to keep all my drawings a secret, I was shy about sharing them. However, my friends and family encouraged me. I have only became a full time artist now in 2020! 



We love how your work is spooky yet super cute at the same time! As a full time artist, what do you get up to? 

A typical day for me usually starts with me doing my emails and checking my social media from home with a cup of tea before heading to my studio. It’s based in Sheffield city centre so I usually walk in with my pup, Dot. We have a bit of playtime before I start working on whatever commissions I have on that day. When it’s time for lunch we head to the park for a run-around and then the afternoon will be mostly more commission work or packing orders, usually while listening to a spooky stories podcast. I prefer to work a day that is a slower pace but a bit longer since I find working in the evening a lot more productive. 



Three things that inspire your designs and creativity? 

Ghosts, cartoons, and silly jokes!



What’s your favourite product you have ever created and why?

Oooh, this is such a great question! It’s tough to answer, I love all my products. But I would have to say I love my earrings because I am a huge fan of statement earrings. I’m actually wearing some of my earrings I designed as I write this! 

I always want to create things that I would love to have, in the hope that other people would love to have them too! 



What’s your favourite Zap! product?

The plywood charms are perfect for earrings. They are super lightweight which is a big deal when you love giant earrings. I can wear them all day and they don’t start to feel uncomfortable. 

I love how Zap! Creatives have so many products that are recycled or responsibly sourced. As creator I try to make a conscious effort to be eco-friendly. 



What advice would you give to an illustrator starting out wanting to get work made into products? 

Chat to your customers and your social media followers to find out what sort of thing they are interested in seeing. Think about what you would love to have that you can create yourself. Otherwise, just try it! If you are worried about the initial costs of trying new products there are so many crowdfunding platforms out there. You can also have pre-orders and if you can excite other people enough about something new that you want to bring out then you can make it a reality together!




Which film do you never get bored off? We are guessing it is going to be a spooky one haha?

The Addams Family Values is constantly on my rotation. I love to put it on while I draw since I’ve seen it so many times I don’t need to pay loads of attention to it but it still always makes me laugh and I never get bored of it. 

Other artists that inspire you? 

There are so many amazing artists out there! I love artists like Mab Graves who work across a variety of mediums because I get that feeling. I love artists who just create spooky art all year long too and I have loads of amazing pieces in my studio by artists like Jelly Koe, Defective Pudding, artists who make stuff that is adorable and Halloweeny all year long.



Where can people buy your amazing products and find your work!?

You can buy my products on Etsy at and you can check out my website at 

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