Hello! Welcome back to another Journal Series.

Are you an illustrator wanting to start selling your products on Etsy? This week we chat to Abbi Laura from Abbi Laura Designs who does exactly that! Read below to find out more.

Tell us about your background

Hi! I’m Abbi Laura, my background is in illustration, but with a hefty amount of design, too. I went to uni in the US and while I was there I realised that I didn’t want to put myself in a box neatly labelled “illustrator” or “graphic designer” or “textile designer” - I wanted to make patterns and illustrations and product and lettering and whatever took my fancy. So that's what I do!




What inspires you?

I’ve never been able to figure it out! I like the things that I like, and they inspire me to make things that I also like? Who knows. I guess looking at my portfolio it’s mostly food, especially bread. So maybe I’m secretly just a Labrador.


Any advice for someone wanting to get their illustrations made into products?

Keep your range small at first. I think a lot of people jump in and try to get their art on EVERY product you could possibly think of. Start with one product you’re interested in, hone it and really make your illustrations work for that product, and then expand your range.


What’s your favourite piece of work/product you have created?

I think right now it might be my dangly earrings. I’ve been obsessed with printing onto clear acrylic without the white layer since I tried it with my Orange Slices - there’s just something so gorgeous about having these areas where the light shines through the colour. 



Where can people buy your beautiful products?

On my Etsy, ! You can also follow @artofabbilaura on Instagram to see regular updates and get to my products through my insta shop.

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