We are regularly approached by customers that sell their designs on Etsy, requiring information about the processes that are used to create their designs, as well as details about any production partners that they work with throughout this process. 

According to Etsy, a 'Production Partner' is an individual or company that assists in the manufacture of products that you sell in your store who is NOT a direct member of your store. 

Etsy states that they are completely happy for you to work with a manufacturer, as long as you are a designer and are transparent about your business, your production partner and any processes that you go through to create your designs. 

They also request that "Your design and production process should lead to the creation of a unique item that would not exist without you, the designer". 

So, we have created this handy reference guide which you can add to your 'About Us' page and any relevant product pages in your store, as requested by Etsy. 

If you think we've missed something or you would like further information on any of the services that we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


We are a bespoke manufacturing company specialising in the manufacture of laser cut and printed acrylic & wooden components and vinyl stickers.


Zap! Creatives can be found at the following address... 

2 Reed Street
Stockton on Tees
TS17 7AF
United Kingdom


As well as working hard to ensure that our customers are happy with the products and services that we offer, we work equally hard to ensure that our staff are happy, our working environment is safe and our ethical commitments to the environment are met in accordance with current EU regulations. 

To meet these ethical commitments, we...

  • Never use child / youth labour or work with third parties that use child / youth labour.
  • Never use involuntary labour or work with third parties that use involuntary labour
  • Provide all our staff with safe, humane working conditions and only work with third parties that provide their staff with safe, humane working conditions. (We provide all our in-house staff with free breakfast on a morning, refreshments throughout the day and a gaming suite full of the latest consoles so that they can relax on their breaks)
  • Pay our staff the National Living Wage & pay our apprentices travel expenses.
  • Never discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, maternity or marital status, nationality, cultural, religious or personal beliefs, disability, political opinion or any other areas in relation to hiring, wages, benefits, termination or retirement.
  • Ensure that all our woods carry FSC certification.
  • Ensure that all our waste, including our waste vinyl and acrylics are recycled or disposed of in an ethical manner.
  • Ensure that our waste inks are disposed of correctly using a specialist disposal company.


We manufacture all our products in-house in our UK based factory, except for our enamel pins, owing to the fact there are no western manufacturing facilities available. 

As a result, we act as a design and production agent for a highly reputable manufacturing facility in China. 

All design work and quality checks are conducted at our premises – 3F Brighouse Business Village, Brighouse Road, Middlesbrough, TS2 1RT. Manufacturing of the pins is completed offsite at a factory in China. 

Does Zap! Creatives outsource any steps of the production to another party?
All the design and finishing steps are completed in house. We do outsource the manufacturing of the pins to a Chinese manufacturer 

How long has the factory been manufacturing pins?
For over 30 years. 

Does Zap Creatives own/operate the production facility?
No, we do not own the manufacturing facility in China. 

How many people directly work on the products?
800 staff – Including here in the UK and in our outsourced factory 

What types of metal, chemical or other materials are used in the making of the pins?
Materials used include zinc alloy, iron, brass, stainless steel and aluminium. 

What are the environmental impacts surrounding production? i.e. by-products, waste disposal etc.
We are very keen on ensuring that our products cause minimal environmental damage which is why we recycle the majority of our waste materials and only work with manufacturers who are as committed as we are and hold the relevant certification. 

Has Zap Creatives checked the factories certifications?
A priority for us is checking that our manufacturer is Sedex certified. Our factory is regularly audited and passes Sedex 4P Audit. They also conduct yearly EN 71-3 chemical testing which complies with CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). 

What ethical standards does Zap Creatives ensure their factory adheres to?
We closely vet any manufacturer we intend on doing business with to ensure that they comply with the following policies. We refuse to work with any business who does not adhere to these standards…

  • No child or youth labour
  • No involuntary labour
  • Humane working conditions
  • No discrimination
  • Sustainability and environmental awareness

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