Convention Giveaway Ideas

Convention Giveaway Ideas

Convention Giveaway Ideas

If you’re organising a convention, chances are you’ve already thought about what your guests can expect to take away in their swag bags. Whether it’s a Comic-Con or a business event, guests love freebies and making sure you have enough to entice them in is part of any great marketing strategy.

When guests attend events, their first port of call is usually social media to check-in, by giving away freebies you’re building up your brand awareness and setting the stage for some great social posts that showcase your goodies. The key thing to remember about creating great convention giveaways is to ensure your brand logo is prominent to help bring exposure when they’re looking for your services later. If your brand isn’t visible, you’re potentially missing out on a number of leads!

If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your next event, we’ve put together a list of 10 great convention giveaway ideas that offer value to the user AND the brand. Let’s start filling those swag bags!

  • USB charger

Phone chargers are THE most popular freebie option at a conference or convention. Tapping into our fear of phones running out of battery when you need it most, its a useful product that users will love and can also showcase your brand. You’ll always be remembered as the brand that saved the day when they just HAD to tag themselves in on Instagram!

  • Tote Bags

If you’re attending an event, chances are you don’t want to be carrying around all of the freebies you’re given. Tote bags are a great option for brands to capitalise on the opportunity to have their logo carried around all day, whilst also providing a handy reusable bag option when the attendee is home. It’s the bag that keeps giving!

  • Pin Badges

With pin badges proving more popular than ever, event attendees want great looking pin badges to add to their collection. Making your own custom acrylic pin badges is easy and a great way to showcase brand messages, logos and characters. Create multiple designs to give your ‘swag’ a collectable appeal.  

  • Keyring

Maybe not the most inventive of freebie options but who doesn’t need a keyring? A striking design that stands out against the rest will ensure you’re carried around by the attendee at all times. Go for a contemporary acrylic keyring design or a wooden design if you’re looking to push the eco-friendly message!

  • Water Bottle

If it’s a long day, hydration is key! A reusable water bottle with your brand logo on the front will be a welcome gift and one that will hopefully make it back to the attendee's office at the end of the day. Go for a bold logo with your brand or organisation website printed on it, this way you’re always in arms reach when they need refreshment.

  • Lip Balm

Lip balms are a great (and cost-effective) option for convention giveaways. After a full day chit-chatting and making connections, your brand could be the welcome relief that they need when the air con has played havoc with their lips. A colourful tube or tin will no doubt take pride of place in handbags and coat pockets for weeks to come.

  • Mints

Refreshment and brand building, sign us up! Mints are a fantastic choice for a convention giveaway. Branded with your logo they’re bound to come in handy after a long lunch break or on the way back to the office. Plus, extra brand exposure after the event if the attendee is asked if they have any mints!

  • Beer

A different kind of refreshment but one that’s greatly welcomed by thirsty attendees as they wander around stalls and listen to talks. Splashing out on custom beer labels will no doubt lead to great exposure when people snap themselves enjoying a cold one at the end of a long day.

  • Stickers

You really can’t beat a sticker. We’re not talking about the low-quality paper ones you get stuck on you after donating to charity, we’re talking bright, bold, high-quality stickers that will take pride of place on laptops and notepads long after the event. Creating custom stickers or even sticker sheets is a great way to get noticed, everyone loves customising and if you have a great design they’re likely to end up exactly where you want them.

  • Phone Charm

Whether it’s a sci-fi convention, a business conference or a networking event, one thing remains the same - everyone is glued to their phones. Whether they’re checking in or keeping up with the twitter feed, if you can get your brand into their hands, you’re golden. Custom phone charms are a great option for brands looking for exposure. Creating a simple design that showcases your logo will make it impossible for users to resist. This is a great option for creative events where you can showcase your company’s artwork and message.

Looking for help creating great custom merchandise for convention giveaways? At Zap Creatives we create high-quality pin badges, keyrings, stickers, phone charms and more, bringing your artwork to life in the best way possible. We have great bulk order deals and templates to help you make the most of your artwork, contact the team today!

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