Colour variations in printing

Colour variations in printing

We use digital printers to process your custom merchandise.

Merchandise from each department is produced using different printers and different printing processes. This means that our products can have some, minimal colour variations when compared to each other.

Our stickers for example, are printed on large format roll to roll solvent printers, whereas our charms and keyrings are printed onto large format flat bed printers, using a completely different printing process.

It is important to realise first and foremost that printing is a manufacturing process which will always be susceptible to some, minimal colour variations. This is standard across the printing industry and all manufacturers working within the print industry will work to an acceptable level of colour variance when processing your jobs.

Our printers use set colour profiles as recommended by our print media manufacturers. Using these profiles allows us to achieve the best quality results for all of our merchandise, however even these profiles can produce some, minimal colour variations.

Here's are some factors that can affect results...

  • Colour Models. Customer files submitted using an RGB colour model will need to be converted to CMYK before printing. This will result in colour variations when compared to what you see on your screen or what you print at home, on your domestic printer.
  • Customer Equipment. Every monitor, printer and digital camera is unique when it comes to colour, even if they've been calibrated! Our customers digital equipment will produce different results to our digital equipment.
  • Digital media. Digital media like our sticker vinyls are produced in batches and each batch can produce some, minimal colour variations. We monitor these variations on a daily basis and ensure that they are kept to an acceptable level.
  • Printers. We use multiple printers in each department, allowing us to meet our customers tight deadline expectations. Although each printer uses the same colour profile and the same print media, some colour variations can occur. We monitor these variations on a daily basis and ensure that they are kept to an acceptable level.

Colour Disclaimer

Digital printing can produce some colour variations; however, these variations are minimal and are something that we monitor daily so that they remain at acceptable levels.

Great care is taken when producing all of your merchandise; however, it is important to remember that a 100% exact colour match is not possible and although print colours will always be very close, colours can vary from one print run to another.

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