Calling all creatives...

We're thrilled with our first client interview, featuring awesome indie brand Misfit Makes & we're looking for more artists to take part. 🎨

We'd love our blog to be as diverse as possible, with the hope of shining a spotlight (as small as our light may be) on people of all races, colours & backgrounds.

We know that people from Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority backgrounds (BAME) are massively underrepresented in the arts and we're extremely proud and honoured to say that our customer base is wonderfully diverse.

Art is an expression of our selves, our environment, our culture and our background and it's fascinating to see the variety of artwork that we receive from around the world. 🌍

The aim of our blog is to share this variety with as many people as possible, by conversing with artists from as many cultures and backgrounds as possible and showcasing their designs.

If you are, or know of any BAME artists that would like to share their art, interests and experiences with our creative community, we would love to hear from you. ❤️

You can find our last blog here. As you can see, we like to keep things lighthearted! 😄

Please get in touch via with your details. Thanks for reading 😘

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