Sustainability in a Business

Sustainability in a Business

Sustainability in a Business

As green practices grow increasingly popular and awareness is raised on recycling and the effects that waste is having on the environment, sustainable companies are cropping up and shouting about their own business practices. One massive cause of waste lies with unused or discarded promotional materials, particularly card, paper and plastics.

So, how can you make your work environment more eco-friendly and do your bit? Here at Zap Creatives, we specialise in offering eco-friendly products and eco-friendly gifts to promote your brand, all while being kind on the planet. 

What We Do

Of course, we can’t preach about being eco-friendly without sharing our own environmental policy, so here are a few insights into how our team at Zap! Creatives care about the planet.

As well as fully complying to environmental law, we actively research new ways to minimise the impact that our business and practices have on the environment. We employ eco-friendly alternatives to the standard materials and products that most businesses use every day.  

Eco-Friendly Materials

The promotional products and merchandise that we offer our clients are comprised of high-quality recycled materials, resulting in minimal impact on the environment. Among these eco-friendly materials are:

  • Acrylic: Our eco range of acrylics are sourced from landfill and waste sites, meaning that they’re 100% recycled. This is not to say they compromise on quality, our recycled acrylic performs to the same level as standard acrylic with the added benefit of being 100% VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and HFC (Hydrofluorocarbon) free.
  • Wood: We make sure to stick to fast-growing, sustainable tree species such as Birch, Cherry, Maple and Walnut. By only removing these resources in line with their growth rate from FSC certified sites, we are ensuring that our woodland and forests remain populated and retain their character. 
  • Card, Paper & Packaging: From backing cards to invoices, all of our print materials are 100% recycled, uncoated and sourced from consumer waste. We provide you with eco-friendly packaging solutions too, and all of our bags, wraps, tapes and envelopes are comprised of fully biodegradable and compostable materials.
  • Waste: We’re fully committed to recycling, and so we ensure that all of our waste materials are cycled to be used over and over again. Acrylic waste is collected by our suppliers for reuse, meaning it will never see a landfill site or incinerator! 
  • Of course, all of our standard recyclable materials such as wood, card, paper and glass are collected regularly by our local recycling company, while we even go green with our leftovers - all surplus food makes its way into compostable, biodegradable bin liners.

    What You Can Do

    So, what can your business do to make a difference during any essential brand promotion? Pushing your company image to the public is an important part of any business strategy, so why not make this image all the more positive by letting people know you’re eco-friendly too? 

    At Zap! Creatives, we offer plenty of planet-conscious products that are perfect for representing your brand and protecting the environment at the same time.

    Custom Pin Badges

    Create something that your clients would love to wear with one of our high-quality custom pin badges. Able to be pinned on all manner of garments, we’re able to send you a sample of your custom design before purchasing to make sure that you’re 100% happy with the custom digital print and shape of your products.

    Our badges are available in 15mm to 40mm size options, while these eco-friendly alternatives are also made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastics.

    Custom Keyrings

    Another brilliant way to promote your business in an environmentally conscious manner is with a custom keyring design. Whether made from 100% recycled premium acrylic or FSC certified woods, you can be sure that your eye-catching new promotional materials are completely eco-friendly. 

    With a ton of customisable options to choose from, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re supplying your clients with a one-off product that’s kind on the planet too.

    Eco-Friendly Stickers

    One of the cheapest yet more effective ways of boosting brand awareness is with custom stickers. Able to be bought in bulk and tailored to the needs of your logo, slogan or promotion, all of our eco-friendly stickers are comprised of FSC certified paper and they’re 100% PVC free and recyclable too!

    Whether sticker sheets or single designs, at Zap! Creatives we offer a huge range of size options to fit into your eco-friendly promotion.  

    Make a Difference

    So, if you’re planning sustainable promotions or you’re looking to start selling eco-friendly products from the likes of Etsy or eBay, there are many simple and cost-effective ways in which you can make a difference. 

    No matter how small your efforts might seem, every little helps in making a difference to our planet’s future, helping society become that little bit greener for future generations to come. 

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