How To Market Your Band

How To Market Your Band

How To Market Your Band

So you’ve started a band, you’ve got your first tracks and you’re looking to book your first live shows - it’s an exciting time!

One thing that bands need to consider from the ‘off’ is how they’re going to get themselves noticed and the easiest way to do it is via your merch. At Zap Creatives, we work with bands from all around the world, creating merchandise that makes them stand out from the crowd. From stickers to pin badges, we can help you bring your band’s logo or custom designs to life, but where do you start when it comes to merch? We’ve asked our in-house experts for their top tips on promoting your band. 

Before you start creating…

Do some research into what merch your fans actually want, there’s nothing worse than splashing your budget on custom t-shirts and hoodies if they’re not going to sell. Speak to other local bands and see what they typically make from a show, you might be surprised. With a little market research, you can start to put together a plan of what you want to buy - just remember to start tracking everything you spend before the costs spiral. As a new band, your first merch purchases should be about testing the water, not filling your parent's garage with boxes of unwanted hoodies and hats.

What band merch should I create?

Once you’ve thoroughly researched your market and you have an idea about the type of merch you want to sell, it’s time to start creating. Some of the most popular types of band merch are actually the cheapest to create as fans look for small tokens to show their support. 

Stickers are a fantastic, cost-effective option that works well for bands of all sizes. If one of your members is handy with Photoshop, or you’ve asked a designer to create some custom designs or logos, you can easily transform these into stickers that you can make a decent profit from. Create sticker packs of multiple designs to entice more fans into decorating their books, laptops or bedrooms with. 

Pin badges are really having a moment and with everyone looking to add wearable merch to their bags and jackets, it’s a great time to invest! Stick with simple designs, like your band logo and create your own custom pins following our step by step design process. You can find out how to make custom button badges on our blog. As well as pins, we can also create iron-on patches that will also prove popular at the merch table. 

Top Tip! Bundle smaller items together to create a great value pack that will keep your fans happy. 

Creating your custom band merch

  • You've got your shopping list, you know exactly what merch you need to buy for your fans and you’re ready to press ‘go’ - but wait! Before you part with your hard-earned cash, there’s a few extra tips and tricks that we want to share to make sure you get the most for your money. 
  • Take a look at any special offers you can take advantage of when ordering a certain amount of something. If you can save money by ordering an extra 50 pins or stickers, it might be worthwhile to stock up!
  • Check, check and triple check your designs before you’re ready to go. At Zap Creatives, we have helpful templates for you to use that will ensure you maximise your custom designs - we also offer a sample service for you to test out your ideas before you commit to a full batch.
  • Take advantage of offers on multiple designs. Your fans will appreciate being given a choice when it comes to picking their merch!
  • If you need your merch for a specific time, don’t leave it till the last minute! Plan ahead to take advantage of low (or free) shipping offers. If you have to order to get them delivered in a day or two, you run the risk of adding to your costs with additional priority shipping. 

Now you're ready to go and sell your band merch! We hope you’ve picked up plenty of inspiration for your next custom order, if you need any extra pointers, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Zap Creative team. Or, check out our tutorials for instant advice. 

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