graphic design trends 2020

Graphic Design Trends for 2020

graphic design trends 2020

Each year we see the emergence of brand new graphic trends as brands and companies tussle to capture the attention of their clients and customers. They look to introduce new colours and prints as a means of refreshing their designs and catching the eye, and with so many companies mixing things up at the same time, things can quickly get very competitive. 

Things are no different as we head into a new decade, so what can we expect to see from the graphic design trends for 2020? Zap! Creatives have compiled a list of our top five 2020 graphic design trends to help your brand stand out from the crowd.


Minimalism pops up and makes an appearance in trends across the years, and this medium of graphic design keeps on reemerging largely thanks to its effectiveness. 

Of course, even in recent times, we’ve seen plenty of minimalist marketing; the likes of Apple are synonymous with clean, two-tone packaging, prints and marketing, clothing brand Gap is famous for their minimalist approach, and recently even football teams have got in on the fad with the likes of Italian team Juventus ditching their old badge for a minimalist design. 

The virtues of minimal design are very clear to see; a non-confusing layout and simple colour scheme allow the eye to be drawn specifically to the parts of your design, exactly as you intended it to be. The likes of minimalist pin badges are cool, clear and a fantastically unfussy way to promote a brand or product. 

3D & Realism

On the opposite end of the scale to minimalism, vibrant three-dimensional designs and realistic imagery are also set to be big in 2020 graphic designs. 3D graphics create a mesmerising effect, and as they twist, turn and change in the light, they draw the attention of any onlookers towards your product or print. 

3D designs work especially well when used in products such as our custom charms, catching the light and helping to bring your characters and artworks to life. 

graphic design trends 2020


A type-only approach is set to be adopted by many for future marketing efforts in 2020. Though typography-heavy designs have taken a backseat in recent years, they’re set to be back with a bang in the new decade. 

Brands such as Samsung and Apple have both experimented with and seen success using typography-led materials, ditching imagery to tie in with an ultra-minimalist approach. Designers are able to produce extremely effective graphic designs simply by playing around with typography in order to create innovative, unique and contemporary compositions.

Metallic Designs

The use of metallic materials in graphic design is on the increase and looks set to instil itself as one of 2020’s biggest design trends. This upmarket, ultra-trendy and often luxurious style of design conveys a sense of class and sophistication, but with the right balance, avoids being too ostentatious.

This balance is best-achieved by marrying metallic materials with a minimalist overall design, bold colours aid with this as well as matte finishes. Such a finish can be employed to an eye-catching effect when used in the design of custom stickers, ideal for promoting a bespoke brand or stylish product. 

Monochrome & Muted Colours

In recent years, graphic design trends have veered towards using bolder, brighter colour palettes, 2020 is set to turn this on its head with a propensity for more muted and monochrome hues. 

This trend runs true across the board in design too, as even our interiors step away from vibrant designs and embrace more natural and neutral tones. This simplistic approach is a conscious effort to steer clear of tech-influenced and “noisy” designs by going back to basics. 

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