Creative Packaging Ideas

Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re just starting out, the way you deliver your products has a massive impact on customer loyalty, brand building and those all-important customer reviews! At Zap Creatives, we work with brands all across the globe to create memorable merchandise to promote their business. We know that if your customers remember your brand, they’re more likely to choose you in the future - so, the packaging really does matter. From custom stickers to considering the sustainability of the materials used, we’re going to look at why it’s always best to go the extra mile with your orders.

Brand Building That Really Stands Out

When you send your products out into the world, whether it's through an online order or face to face at a craft show, you want your customers to feel as though it’s been packaged with care. Logo stickers for packaging are a great way to achieve this, offering an extension of your brand identity while also offering valuable information to the customer. We love seeing stickers that showcase a brand logo, website and social media handles all within a unique design. It’s adding that extra element of care when your customer opens their haul and pretty packaging is more like to be featured on a social media post as they show off their goodies!

Selling On Etsy

If you are selling on platforms such as Etsy, why not make your products memorable with some creative packaging? Even if your business is small you can still stand out with some unique packaging ideas. If you’re looking for custom sticker and packaging ideas why not take a look at what other businesses are doing? Platforms such as Etsy are a hive of creative inspiration and you can browse plenty of Etsy packaging ideas to get a spark of inspiration for yours.

Planet-saving Packaging

When you stop and think about the products you are selling and the people you are selling them to - how important is it that you promote a message of sustainability? In today’s world, people don’t want excess packaging and unnecessary plastic getting in the way of their purchases, so, by showing that you do care about the environment, you’re bound to impress your target market. Using eco-friendly materials that can be recycled is a great way to ensure your customers remember you, less is more and you can even work your sustainability promise into the packaging through a custom label or creative packaging insert telling customers how they can reuse or recycle their boxes or bags.

The Full Package

Once you have your packaging sorted, it’s important that the rest of your marketing materials are just as cohesive. The designs used for your custom stickers or packaging inserts can also be translated into decorative pieces for stalls, booths and even shop fronts, whether it’s a wooden logo charm or a custom made standee. By tying all of your packaging and marketing efforts together, you instantly start to build brand recognition and help potential customers connect with you. Take the time to scroll through social media profiles of brands that you admire, what have their customers tagged them into? Is there a lovely unboxing shot or a perfectly placed business card, sticker or logo next to their new purchases? If the packaging is right, your customers will know that you’ve gone the extra mile to give them a good shopping experience.

Get Your Brand Noticed

Want to know more about our creative packaging ideas? At Zap Creatives, we can help you design everything from logo stickers for packaging to unique packaging inserts and more. If you have the designs, we can transform them into products that really tell the story of your brand. Chat to a member of the team today about what cool packaging ideas we can help you create. Whether you want to utilise our sticking printing services or create your own custom charms and keyrings, Zap Creatives are here to help your brand get noticed. 

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