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Silver Convention Pack - 25% off

£ 299.17 GBP ex VAT £ 399.12 GBP

So, you’re attending a convention, exhibition or trade show to sell your own range of kick-ass merchandise, but you don’t know what to take or where to start!

Well look no further my creative friend! We’ve pulled together a selection of our best-selling, custom merch and popped them into one handy pack to make your prep woes less stressful.

What’s in the Silver Pack?


Click any of the products in the list to find out more about each service, including how to set up and submit your artwork.

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Use our single quantity option to purchase samples of your designs before committing to a final production run. Once you are satisfied with your samples and you are ready to place a full order, we will provide you with a discount code for 50% of the cost of any samples ordered.

You must inform us when placing bulk orders based on previous samples so that we can ensure repeatability.

Please note that discount codes can only be used on final orders based on your sample artwork and will only be valid on orders placed within 30 days of your sample order.

You should expect to produce several prototypes of your designs before commiting to a final production run. Purchasing samples will give you the opportunity to see how your designs will look once they are turned into finished products and will allow you to check for any potential problems with your artwork.

We cannot issue refunds or replacements for any artwork issues where samples were not requested beforehand.

To receive your discount code, simply contact us at with your sample order number(s) and we will issue you with a unique code for 50% of the cost of any applicable samples received.

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