Journal Series: Beverly Salas

Journal Series: Beverly Salas

Journal Series: Beverly Salas


Welcome to our new journal series, where we post a customer feature each week. We want to use this space to celebrate our talented customers and share their work. 

We chat to the wonderful Beverly Salas, the artist talks about her work and what its like to run a business. 


Hey Beverly! So, talk me through a typical day for you?

Hi Zap! Thank you for having me! My art life is constantly busy!  A typical day for me involves coffee, lots of warm-up doodling and collaging. I like to start my day with some extra laid back doodling. I then go onto working on whatever projects I have going on for that week, as well as replying to emails and DM's. 



We are obsessed with your work! Tell us a little bit about your background and how your business started? 

Thank you so  much! I was always a very creative child, but everything started picking up when I was in high school. People started to notice my doodles more and I became the "binder art girl". After high school, I got involved with my local art scene and posting more of my work on Instagram. This got attention from people around the world and people started asking to purchase my work. I decided to open an Etsy.

In 2017 I was able to make enough money from local art shows and online sales to make a living off of my art. Every day I wake up super grateful for this. 



Three things that inspire your designs and creativity?

This is so hard to answer because I feel like everything inspires me! I would say nature, music, and anything vintage. 



How did you go about developing your aesthetic?

Whenever people ask me this, I never know how to answer because I never tried to go for anything specific when I was drawing or painting. I sometimes feel like I am subconsciously just drawing maps of my brain. I feel like my style is still constantly evolving! It's like the same art aesthetic I have always had, but just turning more into itself if that makes sense.



Favourite Zap! product. Had to ask!

I love the clear acrylic charms! My ultimate favourite thing in the world! When I made acrylic charms, that was the first time I saw my art in a more "physical" three-dimensional form, so Zap! Creatives have a very special place in my heart for helping me do it. 



Do you ever get an art block? How do you get over it?

I am lucky enough to say that I rarely get art blocks. When I do get an art block, I play new music or go on my Spotify suggested playlists and just listen to music I haven't heard in a while and that sort of takes me to another moment in time and that ends up inspiring me to doodle something! Sometimes this leads to another big idea or it just turns into a little diary comic. 



What advice would you give to a younger artist starting out and potentially wanting to make their designs into products?

My advice is very simple and kind of cheesy, but just go for it! Do the thing! Don't let anything hold you back! It is honestly such an amazing feeling to be able to make your art into cute little products.



Biggest achievement so far for your business? 

My biggest achievement is being able to make a living and helping my family out with my art business.



What song is stuck in your head right now?

I am currently obsessed with the song Lunar Rhapsody by Dr Samuel J Hoffman and Les Baxter!

Which film do you never get bored off? 

There are a lot of films that I will never get tired of! One of them is Beautiful Losers! If you are in the mood to watch something inspiring, watch this movie! 

And lastly...Where can people view your work and buy your amazing products!? 

You can view my work on Instagram @beverlysalas and I sell my products here on Etsy

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