Hello and welcome back to another instalment of our Journal Series. This week we chat to Emma, AKA The Punky Bunny about all things design, veganism and sustainability. Sounds like your cup of tea? Read on for more punky, vegan goodness!

Hello Emma! Talk me through a typical day for you? What have you been up to today? 😊

Hey! I have just got back from my full-time job and currently waiting for my dinner! I work 9-5:30 five days a week, and then a few evenings I will set time apart for my Etsy orders. I started my shop when I used to do freelance design, so it's been quite different the past 10 months working full-time on the side.


We love how you promote veganism in your products. How did you start your business?


Thank you so much! I went vegan three years ago this month and have always loved the idea of having a little 'side hustle'. I used to run an Etsy shop before this one (selling horror movie-inspired products, can you believe it?!) but once I went vegan I pretty much decided I wanted to own a full-on vegan small business to share my passion for veganism. I practically had the idea about 6 pm on a Friday. I ended up staying up till about 2 am designing my new brand.

When I first went vegan, most vegan gift and clothing brands were very much into promoting the health and fitness side of things- think gym gear, sports accessories, that kind of thing, so I wanted to bring my style into the mix and see what happened! July 2018 was when my shop opened, and it has come a long way since. I currently run my small business from home in my 'office'! This used to be my bedroom as a baby. 



Other than veganism, what else does your business stand for?

The slogan I have always gone with is 'Positive Vegan Vibes'- and that's everything I stand for! I want my brand to be a positive approach to the vegan movement, welcoming to all without being negative in the process. I am all about showing people ways they can be vegan, rather than having a negative stance to someone who doesn't always share the same views as me. I believe in equality in all forms and I hope this shows through my work. I'm inspired by a lot of strong, creative, feminist artists (and influencers!) and love the little community I have around me with my shop. I want everyone who comes across my work to feel welcome and feel positive when they see my artwork and designs. I also want to be able to make an impact on the vegan movement and the lives of animals, because at the end of the day, my message is all about veganism. I donate 10% of my sales each month to a lovely local animal sanctuary called Brockswood Sanctuary and I thank my customers so much for giving me the chance to help them through their orders. 



This is me from last month standing in front of the new rabbit enclosures we have helped build using donations!

We think your style is amazing! What inspired your aesthetic?

Thank you! My shop's style is pretty much a reflection of myself - sounds cheesy but true! I started with more witchy-dark tarot designs (which I'm still working on finishing a whole tarot collection!), and then slowly started adding more colour and my unique voice into my work. I worked as a tattoo apprentice for a little while some years ago so I've always been inspired by tattoo artistry and alternative art. Lately, my current style seems to be going in quite a retro-inspired direction at the moment and I'm having so much fun with it! I love old vinyl covers and band posters from the 60s/70s and have always wanted to bring some of that into my work. I'm a huge fan of music, so music inspires a lot of what I do also!



What song can’t you get out of your head at the moment?

Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere 

 Veganism and sustainability go hand in hand. How important is it to have a sustainable business?

It is so important for me to have a sustainable business. I think your own beliefs and ethics should be reflected in your brand - for instance, I try to live as eco-friendly as possible, so I ensure my brand is the same. I dislike the thought of adding more waste to the planet, so I choose to use plastic-free packaging and spend a lot of time ensuring that everything is as eco-friendly as possible. All my paper goods are printed on 100% recycled card, and I also use other recycled elements such as tissue paper and stickers.


What's your go-to vegan meal?

Mushroom pasta with a creamy cashew sauce!


We love the badges and pins you sell! What is your favourite product you have ever created?

 Thank you! I think it would have to be my Vegan Tarot art print. It's where it all started! My art featured was featured in Witch Casket and I wanted to make a cool design to go in there. I created the tarot design, and then it pretty much drove me to open my Etsy shop and create a whole set! My prints are my most important products as its where it all began, but I love branding out into other product types- who knows what will come out next!



 Where can people view your work and buy your wonderful products?

I'm most active on Instagram ( and my products can be purchased over at

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