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For this feature, we had a chat Yeisy, an established Miami artist who promotes wild life conservation. Yeisy has recently started to turn her art work into merchandise with the help of Zap! Creatives. Read on to find out why she started. 

Hello Yeisy! We love how your work promotes wildlife conservation. What made you turn your art into merchandise?

Hi Zap! Well at some point in quarantine, I got so tired of having the same routine, I decided to design stickers. I had seen so many people on Tiktok open Etsy shops/small businesses and got inspired.

People can usually see my fine art pieces in galleries, however this has become difficult with the pandemic. Since my art is meant to promote animal conservation, I figured this could make it accessible to more people. By turning already existing designs into products, like stickers and accessories, I can create awareness on those issues at a much larger scale. Whether people want to support me as an artist or the causes highlighted in my work, it is something they can reasonably afford, use in their day to day, and appreciate. 


Have you always been inspired by animals?

In a way, yes! As a kid, I had lots of pets, and I always said I wanted to be a veterinarian. I later decided to pursue art as a career, although at first, I wasn’t sure what my art was about.

However, I eventually found myself creating pieces about animal related issues I really cared about. It just felt right. 

I love that I can combine these two passions and can still help animals.


Biggest challenge you have faced so far?

The hardest challenge has been balancing making art and having a full-time graphic design job. Even before I started selling on Etsy, it was hard. I rarely had (or made) time for new projects. As a small artist, you also have to be your own photographer, social media manager, customer service agent, accountant, and so much more.

Since I started selling on Etsy, I’ve found ways to stay motivated and manage my time effectively. Some days are really busy. Others aren’t, and that’s ok. I look on the bright side and take those days as a time to relax. 



We love your stickers! What is your favourite Zap! product?

That’s a hard question! Stickers were the first items I created. I did so much research initially, trying to find the most eco-friendly/sustainable options. Then I found Zap! and saw that there was so much more than stickers. 

Even though I love everything I have created so far, the clear acrylic charms caught my eye from the moment I saw them. They are so versatile, and I enjoyed playing with the opacity!


What goals/what would you like to achieve this year?

One of my main goals for this year is to create more. I have so many ideas for new art, designs, and products. I’m looking forward to what’s coming in the next few months.

In 2020 I got into a good rhythm of posting consistently, so I would also like to continue growing my social media platforms. I would love to surpass 1k followers on both Instagram and Tiktok. I have a goal to reach 100 sales on Etsy by the end of the year, too!


Would you like to shout out any of your favourite illustrators/artists/designs?

My list of favourite artists changes and grows every week. Some of these have been long time inspirations, others I’ve recently discovered (including a couple I found through Zap!) :

Amy Holliday

Caitlin Hackett 

Claire Gaulin Brown

Charlotte Gruneau

Jacub gagnon

Jean Pierre Arboleda

Lucie atr

Martin Wittfooth

Sam Cokeley

Studio Totek

Teagan White

Tina Yu


Favourite animal of all time and why?

If I had to pick one, I would say sloths. I find them fascinating and adorable. Plus, I love a good sloth meme. I’m somewhat indecisive though, so my runners up are sea turtles and peacocks!

Finally, where can people view and purchase all of your amazing work?

I am very active on Tiktok and Instagram @yeisyrartist. All my products and prints are available at my Etsy shop: yeisyrartist

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