Welcome back to another Zap! journal series entry! For today's post we had the opportunity of speaking with Meg Garrod - Full time student, Full time business owner. Meg walks us through her day as a small business owner whilst also juggling her life as a full time student. We also find out what her biggest motivation is, favourite Netflix snack, and how she has conquered her biggest hurdle as a small business owner.

Hello Meg, thank you for speaking with us today! We can imagine you have a really busy day ahead of you so we really appreciate it. What does a typical day in the life of a small business owner look like?

Hello! Thank you so much for allowing me this space to talk to you! Oooh this is a hard question as, for me anyway, everyday is very different. Alongside running my business I’m a full-time uni student so I have to fit everything around lectures. Most days though you’ll find me packing orders, designing products or doing admin work. There are so many different jobs that go into running a small business so I have to plan out everyday!


We are obsessed with your art and what it represents – What inspired your artwork and how long ago did it begin?

Thank you so much! I started creating body positive art when I was 17. At the time I had been bullied my whole life for being fat, this had taught me to hate my body for a very long time. Once I got to college, I began embracing myself a lot more and came across body positivity posts on instagram, I couldn’t believe that there were bodies like mine being represented in a beautiful way. From this point I began drawing and creating art to represent bodies not usually seen in the media, I wanted everyone to realise that their bodies are fine just as they are.

I’m now 22 and although my art still very much centres around body positivity I also try to represent fat and plus sized bodies as much as possible, shedding light on the fatphobia and biases that are so ingrained in society.


What is the biggest curveball that has been thrown at you since starting your business, and how did you conquer it?

It’s funny you ask this because I’d actually say that I’m currently going my biggest curveball; that being trying to juggle university and my business. My small business only really took off during the first lockdown in March last year, at the time I was off uni for summer break and had lots of time to put into creating art and packing orders. I started back at uni in September and trying to juggle the two has proven to be super hard. Over the last couple of months though I’ve learnt a lot; Firstly that planning my day and writing to do lists helps more than anything! It’s also super satisfying to cross things off the list and feel like you’re getting things done. Secondly, I’ve learnt that it’s important to give yourself a break! At first, I worked way too much and became burnt out. I’ve learnt to recognise this more and let myself chill when I need to.


What is your current favourite Netflix show and your go-to snack when watching it?

I love Grey’s Anatomy and I’ve watched it so many times. My go-to-snack is pretty much anything with chocolate! I especially like dipping breadsticks into a tub of Nutella!


What piece of advice would you liked to have given to yourself 10 years ago?

You are beautiful just as you are and your worth is not based on your weight, you are just as worthy as everybody else.


Number one piece of advice for aspiring small business owners?

Be patient! For the majority of people it doesn’t happen overnight. If you have a passion for what you’re doing then others will see that and you will grow. Just focus on doing what you love and being consistent.


What is your biggest motivation?

My main motivation has always been teaching others to love themselves. I don’t want anyone to go through the feelings I did about my body so my mission is to spread self love and awareness about body positivity.


Have you got any exciting releases planned?

I’m working on a couple of products at the moment although I don’t have release dates just yet! I’ll definitely be ordering some pastel acrylic for some custom earrings very soon though!


What is your favourite social media platform and why?

Instagram!! I love that I can share photos, videos and stories to my audience all on one platform. It’s also been great to connect with other creatives.

And finally where can we purchase you amazing work?

You can purchase my work here:

Thank You!

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