This week we chat to the talented Aiceebz about her journey into digital illustration. 

Let's get straight into it! Who is Aiceebz?

Hey my name is Vanessa, but my work is found under the name Aiceebz. I am 25 (for now) and I am a Sydney based illustrator/artist.



Hello Vanessa! We love your work, when did you start getting into digital illustration?

I have enjoyed drawing since I was a kid and took that passion into Uni where I studied my Fine Arts degree. I mainly worked with traditional forms of art during university but have always wanted to transfer into digital art. I realised then that digital illustration was something I would devote myself to and have developed my style through it. Right now, I create soft and colourful illustrations with some magical touch to it!



What’s your favourite illustration you have ever done?

Ironically, my favourite illustration I have ever done is not my current style. The illustration was based on my friend who I felt had this beautiful soft aesthetic. I wanted to use her as a reference to create this 'Goddess-esque' image. It was a mixture of traditional art and digital art. I used watercolour brushes to create the textures and mixtures of colours digitally (hence the mixture). This was eventually part of the gateway into the style that I have adopted now.



How did you go about developing your aesthetic?

 When I stumbled across this subgroup called 'kawaiiart', that was it for me. I loved the way the colours popped. I wanted to do that with my art, however, I wanted a balance of realism between e.g. the figure, objects, and other elements. I also really like the way that very good manga artists could illustrate items to look pseudo-realistic and wanted to adopt that concept as well.



How do you get over the dreaded art block?

I learned to appreciate the art block as a way of giving myself space between me and the art. When I do go away, I start to find little bits of inspiration here and there. I could be on a walk and consider illustrating the plants I see, or I'd see a cute Japanese snack that I'm buying and consider drawing it too. Eventually, I felt like I could illustrate anything around me, and even if it didn't work, I wouldn't regret the time I used because anytime I'm drawing, I am growing.

 Side note: Sometimes I ask my followers what they might want to see illustrated too as my way of engaging with my followers and the art community.



What advice would you give to an illustrator starting out and potentially wanting to make their designs into products?

If I could say something to my younger self it would be to "not to be scared". I think my biggest hurdle is the fear of failing, not saying that I have succeeded but if you don't give yourself a shot then you'd already be failing yourself. 



What song is stuck in your head right now?

 ‘OUTTA MY MIND’ by Monsune, it has got this groovy chill vibe to it and I love dancing to it as well! 

Which film do you never get bored off? 

This is a hard question, I prefer TV Series! My favourite would have to be Avatar: The Last Airbender. Yes, a cartoon but I feel the topics that the series tackles are very applicable to what we are going through right now!

Where can people view more of your amazing work!? 

You can find more of my work on Instagram: @aiceebz or just check out my link at to find my Insta, Commissions, Ko-fi, and my shop (opening soon!) 

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