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Custom Wood Charms

Our custom wooden charms and pendants are one of our most popular custom merch offerings. Ideal for transforming into custom necklaces and keyrings, we use ethically sourced materials to digitally print your designs and cut them into the shape you choose.Our current collection includes birch, cherry, maple and walnut wood for you to choose from, simply follow our artwork tutorials to upload your designs and we’ll do the rest. Depending on the pack size you require, we offer multiple design options - ideal for those looking to showcase a variety of designs or create a collection of custom wooden charms. Our custom wooden pendants and eco friendly custom charms are ideal for conventions, merch stalls, events and more, offering a unique way to promote your organisation or simply showcase your bespoke artwork. Get in touch with a member of the Zap Creatives team if you have any questions about creating your custom wooden charms, or take a look at our printed wooden keyringsfor more inspiration. We also have a helpful guide on how to create printed wooden charms with a tutorial on how to make your custom charms with photoshop, as well as ideas on uses for custom charms.

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