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Key Colours for 2020

Posted on December 23 2019

With the turn of every new year, we see a selection of fresh trending colours emerge that influence everywhere from retail and fashion, to interiors and product design. These tones aid in appealing to potential new customers and clients, refreshing a brand or its products and ensuring that a huge range of businesses remains current. 

To help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve compiled a range of key colours that will make a difference as we head into a new decade. 

Neo Mint 

Neo-Mint is definitely one to watch in 2020. This fresh-looking shade of green is made to be seen, and it’s bound to be used by a whole host of enterprises and industries looking to make an impact in the new year. 

It echoes the popular trend of employing pastel colours, something which has been seen so often in recent years, and takes its influences largely from nature. A forward-thinking and positive shade, Neo-Mint takes a step away from an age so heavily influenced by technology and science.

Purist Blue

The colour blue has enjoyed many incarnations and transitions throughout the years of colour trends, and its latest evolution is sure to be seen everywhere from our shop shelves to the catwalks of high fashion. 

Purist Blue distances itself from the popular darker hues of blue seen in previous years; it’s softer and influenced by the coast and sea rather than the industrial, strong cobalts that have been so common. Once again, we’re seeing a softer, more natural approach to shades than has been the case in previous years 


Another key colour for 2020 is Cassis. This deep, luxurious shade is a derivative of the many pinks and purples available, but it steps away from the sweeter, more floral shades that have been used so frequently in design and fashion throughout recent times. 

This rich fusion is gender-neutral, and with an aesthetic that exudes class and contemporary style, it’s set to be widely used on a whole host of great-looking products in the new decade. 


As summer 2020 rolls around, get set to see the tantalising tones of Cantaloupe take over. This fresh, zesty shade is youthful, vibrant and ready to make its mark on product design, fashion and merchandising. 

An orange shade that is softer and more subdued than the popular burnt oranges of recent years, this fun-loving hue is sure to be in high demand. 


Mellow Yellow

The colour yellow, in its many forms, is a mainstay in the image-conscious world of fashion and design. In 2020, it’s due to be the hue Mellow Yellow which will prove among the most popular shades we will see being widely used. 

Its rich, earthy tone is reminiscent of blooming sunflowers and the natural beauty of a sunset dripping in golden colours, so if you’re looking to add something cheerful yet grounded, Mellow Yellow is going to be a great shout. 

There you have it, a breakdown of some of Zap! Creative’s key colours for 2020. Don’t forget to add these ones to watch into your colour wheel – and remember – you’re able to factor any shade of your choice into our amazing range of custom charms, pin badges, keyrings, sticker printing and more.

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